Amarillo Design Bureau Fall release schedule

Amarillo Design Bureau has sent their Fall 2010 release schedule.

From their announcement:


Prime Directive Federation PD20M
 The long-awaited RPG sourcebook on those good guys of the galaxy, the United Federation of Planets. Government, history, colonization, economy, military, politics, it’s all there. This first book is for the PD20M system; versions for GURPS and other systems will follow. Stock #8722. Retail price $24.95.


Star Fleet Battles Module Y3: Early Years III
More ships from the wars before the wars, including new scenarios for this fascinating era, including more early-ISC and pre-Federation ships. Stock #5634. Retail price $27.95.

Starmada: Alien Armada
The third module in this fast-playing large-battle product line will cover the ships of the Tholians, Neo-Tholians, Seltorians, and Orion Pirates. Stock #6103. Retail price $16.95.


Star Fleet Marines: Assault
The first module in a new product line focusing on ground combat, this fast-playing system is designed to cover the smallest raids as well as the largest invasions. Stock #2101. Retail price $TBA.


Captain’s Log #42
The next issue in our best-selling product line, with fiction, tactics, ships, and scenarios for all of our game systems. Stock #5742. Retail price $19.95.