Alternative Armies release Uncle Rogipoos Set

Alternative Armies have released a new set of figures for Slaughterloo and Flintloque.

Uncle Rogipoos Set
Uncle Rogipoos Set

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone.

Alternative Armies has made its third autumn release for the ‘World of Valon’, that is for the 28mm scale game systems of Flintloque 3rd Edition and Slaughterloo. Here is some information about it, enjoy.

VLE10 Uncle Rogipoos Set
This code is limited to only 250 packs before the master and molds are destroyed. Supplied with numbered insert containing optional rules and uniform guide.

This tenth code in the Very Limited Edition range is, like the others, limited to 250 numbered packs only. The pack contains three white metal one piece miniatures in 28mm scale. An Orc Officer, an Armadillo and a female Orc nurse. Perfect for many scenarios and a character addition to your Orcish army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Full rules for this set can be found on this page.

Plastic bases supplied. £9.50

You can read more about this code on the Alternative Armies website, this includes the code insert with background and rules. Also more images.

This set came about as a result of one of the most active and entertaining members of the Notables Yahoo Group having an alter ego – Uncle Rogipoos. Now in miniature.

Thanks for Reading.

Gavin Syme