Alliance exclusive distributor for Field Command series in North America

WorldsForge have entered into an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Alliance.

From their announcement:

WorldsForge Private Limited and Alliance Game Distributors, a division of Diamond Comic Distributors Inc, has concluded an exclusive distributorship agreement covering the US and Canada. This arrangement will bring WorldsForge’s Field Command series to more than 2,000 retailers in Alliance’s extensive and well-established network of hobby game stores.

Field Command: Singapore 1942 is a strategy board game depicting the Battle of Singapore during the Second World War. It is a historically significant battle and said to be the worst disaster in British military history. The game comes with a number of scenarios and with highly detailed play-pieces for three armies – Japanese, British, & Australian. The innovative combat system is designed to be easy to learn for novice gamers and yet provide gameplay variability and depth for the experts. The game will be available to Alliance’s retailers starting 1 October 2010.

“From the moment we saw Field Command: Singapore 1942, we knew it was something special,” said Michael Webb, VP of Marketing and Customer Service for Alliance. “The combat resolution system is unique, and captures a tactical feel that is often absent in a strategic or operational level game. The components are artfully crafted and beautifully made, and the game is an excellent entry into the conquest boardgame category.”

“Our partnership with Alliance Game Distributors marks a major milestone in our ability to reach the vital North American market and forms the cornerstone of WorldsForge’s global distribution strategy. Given Alliance’s primacy in distribution, we are confident that its extensive retail coverage in the US & Canada will provide many more wargamers with an opportunity to experience the Field Command series,” said Mr. Khoo Yik Lin, CEO of WorldsForge. “We are very excited by the growth prospect of the Field Command gamer and retailer community as a result of this deal.”