All Quiet on the Martian Front Available to Order

Architects of War is now taking orders for Robot Peanut Studios’ All Quiet on the Martian Front game from Alien Dungeon.
Or at least, I think that’s how they all connect together. Sometimes it’s not the easiest to follow all the connections.


From the announcement:

The Battle for Earth begins! All Quiet on the Martian Front, the 15mm miniature game chronicling the Second Martian Invasion of Earth is now available on Alien Dungeon’s website for Pre-Order:

Thanks to a thousand Kickstarter participants, All Quiet is finally ready for release. After the Kickstarter’s ship we will start delivering to the broader market.

In the initial release, the Starter Game, Hardback Rulebook, Plastic Steam Tanks, Plastic Assault Tripods, Plastic Scout Tripods, Dice and Templates are available.

New Releases will follow every two weeks with new products going on pre-order when the previous products begin shipping. The ranks of the US, Martians, BEF, and more will swell over the coming months with tons of releases (including items never available during the Kickstarter).

Be sure to place your order today to help defend the Earth (or maybe destroy it if you are one of those slimy Martian sympathizers!)