Alkemy goes Metal

Kraken Editions have announced a change to their miniature manufacturing for Alkemy, their fantasy skirmish game.

From their website:

The future is on its way and will be written in metal capitals. It is now official, the Alkemy ranges moves from plastic to metal. The main reason for this decision was the time to market for our products.

What does this mean?
We hope to be able to move from a plastic production that took many months to a production that will require but a few weeks. We consider smaller releases (2 to 3 miniatures) every 6 to 8 weeks.

The offer modification will be the packaging: we move on from boxes to blisters, except for some products, like the collector boxes.

The first metal/blister release is scheduled for beginning of july, with the Belluarus, Khergars and Aurlok Hive Throwers.

What about the plastic range?
This one continues to exist. The move to metal is only for the new references.