Alien Dungeon previews Fanticide Magic System

Alien Dungeon has another preview of their upcoming Fanticide game with a look at the magic system.

From the preview:

As we get closer to the launch of Fanticide, our previews continue
with a look at the Magic System of Fanticide and how it plays in the
game. Be sure to check it out and join in the discussion on our forums!

  • metalsifter

    Interesting how all the posts criticizing this product have been removed yet all the same type of posts about the Privateer Press Wold Wrath remain.

    Seems pretty biased to me.

  • Mahrdol

    Not really. People can can disagree with style or whatever but your post was an personal attack IMO.

  • unihead

    What the hell? My joking post about the silly name of this game was a ‘personal attack’? Wow, pretty heavy level of censorship here, that’s disappointing.