Alchemist Miniatures Bringing Back Alkemy

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 19th, 2015

Alchemist Miniatures is happy to announce that they’re going to be taking over managing the Alkemy range of miniatures. The group, which is composed of several friends who have been fans of the Alkemy miniatures game for some time, aren’t just looking to keep the old version going, but are looking to update the game and even expand to new factions. A website has been created, concept art is being worked on, and a Kickstarter is in the works.

Aurlok Nation, Khaliman Republic, Kingdom of Avalon and Empire of Triade Jad

The group at Alchemist Miniatures have been working hard already, releasing new miniatures for the game, as well as working to restock all old miniatures, create objectives, create new textured bases, come out with custom battle mats, and even create special custom dice. You can see all of those products in their new webshop they’ve set up.

A wide range

As for the revamp of the rules, they’ve been taken back to their fundamentals, with an emphasis on “fun.” Alchemist Miniatures sees that the main reason people play games is to have fun, so they wanted to make sure that Alkemy was fun to play. They designed the rulebook layout and stat cards to be easy to read and understand. You don’t have to spend hours combing through the book to figure out how to play. They also created a bunch of different scenarios so that no two games have to be the same.

A new format called 'Blitz'

But what of those two new factions of which I typed earlier? Those would be the Naashtis and Utopia factions. The Naashtis are snake-people who are masters of fire magic (tsssss, hot!). Meanwhile, the Utopians are a sea-faring people, once cast aside by society, but now ready to once more make themselves known to the world. You can expect the Kickstarter for them sometime in October.

Two new factions coming


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  • Valander

    I always had a liking for this game… and have all the stuff Kraken ever actually put out, for all factions, and even some of the stuff Studio 38 put out. Hoping it can manage to take off this time, it really did have some great things in it.

    • Kryptovidicus

      I agree, it is a great game. Especially the way magic works is rather unique.
      I sincerely hope they do a decent translation of the french rules, a lot will depend on that.
      There are a lot of the old Kraken boxes in my pile, still unpainted but the models look so good I never could bring myself to sell them.
      I look forward to the kickstarter!

      • nicoleblond

        We work with 2 american people for translation 😉
        See rules here :

        • Kryptovidicus

          That is great to hear! Will you release a printed book as part of the kickstarter? I also noticed all the cards are still in french (a language I’m not so good at, despite being from Belgium, sorry 🙁 ), is the kickstarter meant to translate everything, or more to release the game once more on the general market?

          • nicoleblond

            All equipment is now translated into English, the rulebook and profile cards. If you order miniatures in the English version of the online store, you will receive the English profile cards. For a printed book of the kickstarter, we think about it, it will probably benefit from a stretch goal…

          • Valander

            Will there be updated cards we can download, for those of us who had everything? (I’d even be totally fine with that as a pledge level in the Kickstarter, honestly…)

          • nicoleblond

            We will update soon all the profile cards in architekt ( For the French version, we sell packs of old profile cards updates. If we have any requests, we could do the same for the English version. Do not hesitate to talk about it on the facebook page or on the Alkemy forum.

          • Valander

            Thanks! I’d definitely buy an English deck, and mentioned it on the Facebook page. 😉

          • nicoleblond

            It’s available on online store 😉

          • Joseph M Raiten

            there is now an English Forum that just started

  • Sisyphus

    Great to hear… here is hoping someone will do the same for Hell Dorado… yeah, I know Ninja has them and it’s technically not a dead game but….. you know HD is on the back burner for them.

  • Dean Winson

    This is good news, I have a couple of gaps in my collection.

  • Hooray! its about time.
    I avoided buying these models forever because the game seemed dead.

    They’re all gorgeous though, I’m excited for the kickstarter.


  • Emmlef

    a little overwiew on the “Dar-meh’ki” vigil of Chim~EthDuring his lifetime, Dar~Meh’ki was a vigorous patrol of Chim~Eth, who knew better than anyone the underground and pathways to the surface. He was shot by a Avalonian patrol of crossbow who were ignorant of what they were shooting. Brought back into the citadel by its Aar~Zey who had massacred the patrol, he was incarnated in an Ouroboros.
    Dar~Meh’ki wants much to Avalonians thus have ended his cycle of evolution and sentenced her Aar~Zey to remain sheltered in Al~Eph. His resentment translates into zeal in monitoring of the city, particularly in root growth of Beathacrann. This monitoring has another reason, he stubbornly seeks a tree seed, convinced that merging it with the ouroboros that serves as its body, it could resume its cycle.
    Concept by Tania Sanchez-Fortun

    • Emmlef

      An Overview of the 2 new factions. These factions in the kickstarter of october
      Naashti and Utopie