Alban release British Rifles Skirmish Battle Pack

Alban Miniatures have released a Napoleonic skirmish army deal with French and British figures.


From their announcement:

Alban Miniatures have posted their first Skirmish Battle Pack (SBP1) to their website.

The SBP1 Skirmish Battle Pack contains the following 18 x 4 figure packs:

  • 1x British Rifle Command
  • 4x British Rifles Firing
  • 4x British Rifles Moving
  • 1x French Legere Voltiguer Command
  • 4x French Legere Voltiguers Firing
  • 4x French Legere Voltiguers Moving

At £80 for 18 packs (72 figures), this deal represents more than an 11% discount at just £4.44 per individual pack.

Ideal for the basis to any Napoleonic skirmish such as the TFL ‘Sharpe Practice’ rule set.