Ainsty releases 28mm Pirate Ships

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 4th, 2011

Ainsty Castings releases 28mm pirate ships.

From their announcement:

Three 28mm Pirate Ships are now available to order direct from the Web Site.

The Sloop measures 12″ long, Merchantman is 14″ long and the Man of War is 17″ in length. All are single piece Resin Hulls with White Metal parts and Dowell Masts supplied with each Ship.

Merchantman shown in the picture courtesy of Captain Blood himself

  • jeremy6801

    These look neat. I would love to have one if I had a little more disposable income…

  • lordofexcess

    Awesome stuff … yet again a UK producer meaning we have to spend, spend, spend to get it. Shipping, terrible conversion rate, etc. 🙁

  • Quirkworthy

    I saw them at the Derby World Wargames show at the weekend. Very nice indeed. I thinkn they may be on my Christmas list.

  • mweaver

    They are lovely.

  • Repeter

    I hate you EU!! Nah, really, I’m just jealous of all your cool toys we can’t get here in the States…

  • mrbushtroll

    Neat……but tooooo much $$$$ and to far to return
    I would check ebay for the dragon wars and pirate mega block ships
    with some time and putty…..even epoxy…the lego nibs can be made to disappear
    some balsa wood to make extra decks…and custom rigging

    I have several viking looking ships the (dragon headed mega bloks) for 30 dollars each
    great spatial areas for miniatures…..and all seem to fit a 28mm scale
    and they take a confrontation wolfen horde of 100 plus minis to far off lands…

    or a army of D&D reaver minis

    so hey for couple hundred dollars and a few hours..watching ebay..i have some fantastic
    fleets (this of course has taken a few years to accumulate) of several ships…….from a distance on the table……it looks like a dock with merchants and scum
    my players love them

    i am one to look for a great deal to stretch my hobby dollars
    until i see them in a hobby shop locally……………

    nice eye candy folks