Ainsty release Police Cruiser

By tgn_admin
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Apr 21st, 2011

Ainsty Castings have released a 25/28mm Police Cruiser.

Plymouth Gran Fury Police Cruiser

From their announcement:

New for 25/28mm scale,Ainsty have cast up the Plymouth Gran Fury Police Cruiser. Available now and listed in the web site at Priced £8

  • antenociti

    That looks rather spiffy, price is good too! All-new or re-release?

  • Ken

    I suddenly feel the need to game the car chase through the shopping mall in The Blues Brothers.

    • Given the amount of police cruiser carnage in The Blues Brothers, you’d need a small fortune to game it 😀
      Still a spectacular idea though!

  • Ainsty Castings

    Its an older model that needed some work before i could mould and cast it again. so technically a re-release although I dont ever recall it being in the catalogue so it may not have been sold before.

    Incidentally There is a shopping mall in the offing with an escalator to the upper floor


  • 4tonmantis

    Is this suitable for Heroclix/etc? It seems like it might be right on the line of “too big” and just right..

    • Ainsty Castings

      I dont have any Heroclix but the figure in the shot is 28mm tall


      • 4tonmantis

        Yeah, most heroclix are just a bit short to 28mm scale.. closer to 1/42nd.. but this still might be right around the appropriate size.. probably the more important thing would be how wide is the car.. since the main problem would be fitting it onto one of the streets on the maps in clix-based games. I’m trying to adapt a more 3-d game of heroclix. My kids aren’t quite ready for 40k et al but clix they’re ok with. Your company is one of the only to offer so many things that fit into that world and when my gaming room is ready for some more decor, I’m coming your way 🙂