Aggressor: Recon Sci-Fi Minis Game Now Available

I guess the Year of New Editions counts if it’s the first edition of a game. I mean, it’s a new edition, after all. That’s just the case with Aggressor: Recon. It’s a new sci-fi miniatures game that’s available now. Yeah, I know. No Kickstarter for this one. You can go and buy the over-150-page rulebook now.

The game takes place in the 23rd century. Humans have headed amount into the stars, colonizing planets as they go. Out there, they’ve found that we’re not the only space-faring race out there. And not all aliens are so happy with us making our way into their space. The rulebook gives you everything you need to get going (rules-wise, anyway. You gotta still get minis and D10s). Just pick out one of the 12 factions to build a force of and get playing.


  • jeff fearnow

    What’s sad about announcements like this (and perhaps good about the exposure that KS grants) is that potential buyers have _nothing_ to go on inn order to make an informed decision, and with as many systems as exist currently (and some at a lower price point) I’m loathe to drop $40 to test it for someone.

    Not even a scale reference? no idea what sets this one apart (or what concept it improves upon)?

    No sale, sadly.


      I think there’s less information about this product than anything else I’ve ever seen on this website. I don’t trust some random Internet guy enough to spend $40, or even any amount of money, on his rulebook.

      I wouldn’t even buy a rulebook from an established company without seeing some kind of demo version first, or flipping through it in an actual store.

    • Fin

      Agreed. I posted up a similar comment directly on their forums. Their web page is also lacking in info – a few dev blog posts, but not much substance. They don’t even tell you what type of game it is – is it a ground combat game, a starship combat game, or something else? Lots of buzz words and exclamations points on the product description page, but not much else.

    • Robert Corrado
  • Robert Corrado

    Good evening! Combing the webs brought me here. I’m one of the employees at Critical Snail and your feedback is pretty much spot on. We are taking steps to address the lack of information currently. We were in such a rush to get the game out we failed to address some of these things that interested gamers are raising. 1. We are writing better copy on all of the game features that will drop this month. 2. Demo kit in PDF for download will go up on our site this month. 3. Some reviews are forthcoming from some blogs for you to read. Please visit us at for a direct line to us and keep telling us how to get better. It’s our first release!