AFV supplement released for Rate of Fire

AFV supplement Crusader Publishing has released an AFV supplement for their Rate of Fire WWII rules.

From their announcement:
The AFV supplement is an expansion for the Rate of Fire World War II skirmish rules from Crusader Publishing. This 48 page book covers tanks, soft vehicles, halftracks, SP guns, artillery, anti tank as well as infantry guns and weapons.
New rules cover vehicle hit locations, specific crew positions and survival roles, special ammunition types, HE and small arms against soft targets as well as artillery against AFV’s.

Inside you will find over 500 separate vehicle data sets for German, US, British & Commonwealth, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Italian forces. Each vehicle has details of its main and secondary weapons, front and sides/rear armour factors for hull and turret, three speed brackets, crew numbers, positions and tasks as well as special notes and equipment.

This Rate of Fire AFV supplement has plenty of information that can be used with other WWII games but it is not a complete set of rules on its own. You’ll need a copy of the main Rate of Fire WWII Skirmish Rules to gain the most from this supplement.
Rate of Fire costs £18

The new AFV supplement costs £15. We are running a post free world-wide offer on all pre-orders taken for the AFV Supplement.
We are also running a ‘Buy the Rules and the Supplement for £30’ offer for a limited period.
The new AFV Supplement will be available from the Dave Thomas stand at European shows, including FIASCO and SELWG.