After the End at Indiegogo

RN Estudio launched an Indiegogo campaign for After the End, their new post apocalyptic board game.

After the End


From the campaign:

Help us to bring you the best Post apocalyptic survival board game ever ! Take the role of Survivors versus the wasteland!

I have always been passionately attracted to the post-apocalyptic genre, and I wanted a boardgame that reflected what we fans have experienced in so many games known to us all: “Fallout”, “Metro 2033”, “Stalker”, “Rage”, “Borderlands” or “I´m Alive”, among others.

After much searching and not finding the kind of game I wanted, I built my own post-apocalyptic game, which was very much enjoyed by my friends and regular gaming groups.

  • And the award for Most Uninspiring Tagline goes to … After the End with ‘Survival is the Only Way’. 🙂

    • Soulfinger

      Man, I need to hurry up and finish my Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo skirmish level breakdance fighting game, so I can win the Uninspiring Tagline Award for 2015 with “If you can’t beat the system…break it!” It’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ for everyone!

      • Verminous Fang

        I don’t know… I like that tagline. And I’d really consider backing that kickstarter. As long as the delivery date is at least 3 years away.

        • We think in january can have all ready for ship 🙂 but first need a lot of support ! share plz! 🙂

      • Smokestack

        That game would Rock. One side is TKO… Turbo, Kelly and Ozone… On a 6 Kelly is offered a dance position in Paris and Ozone throws a tantrum… The other factions include… Electro rock… which I think were the “latino gang”, the “Evil big business guy, the corrupt city goverment, the “Kelly’s racist parents” , the evil ex-girlfriends, there are soo many possibilities… If you could some how tie in the Last Dragon, we could even have a cross-over Turbo and Bruce Leroy Vs Shonuff Shogun and Electro rock… But I am sure this much sought after IP will be very expensive… So KICKSTARTER!!!!!

        • Soulfinger

          I’m thinking an image of Ice T from the very beginning of the movie for the cover, painted by Brandon Bird, so maybe “Party People, This the Place to Be” would be a better tagline. The goal of each scenario is to save the community center, so one player is representing the streets, while the other is a pawn of the developer, who is represented by a stodgy, balding conservative in a suit miniature, which is placed alongside the die-cast bulldozers beside the cardboard dance mat playing surface. He watches the game with a disapproving sneer.

          Then each player takes turns spinning their miniatures and playing as many breakdance cards as they can before their figures stop spinning. If the street dancers win then the player is allowed to get all up in his opponent’s face and say, “You can forget your plans, man! ‘Cuz we stopped you cold!” The developer player doesn’t have to say anything to that bunch of arrogant street kids in the case of a win. He just gets to make bulldozer noises as he plows all of the game components back into the box. Then he can hold the “Disenfranchised Inner City Youth” card in his opponent’s face and laugh and laugh and laugh before burning it with his lit cigar (not included).

          Another great thing is that with the included magnets, you can pull off the whole scenario with Turbo dancing on the ceiling. As a stretch goal, backers can purchase trash can lids, which can be used to deflect the white nunchuka that come packaged with the $100 deluxe edition. You also get to choose whether you want a red bandana or a feather earring.

    • Hi! hehehe, what is better way to said ? we are on time to change!! and you will be happy to correct the tagline ! your name will appear in rulebook 😉

      • Soulfinger

        After the End: Only the First 500 Backers Will Be Allowed to Live!!! Alternately,

        After the End: Survive to Forge a New Legend

        My biggest concern would be the translation standard of the English in the rulebook. The project cites “a team of professional people,” (I assume like Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News Team) but the project page is filled with awkward phrasings and misused grammar — which is fine, I suppose, since native speakers do far worse with their KS projects and nobody seems to care.

        • Thanks! If you have time can read a little some of the english rulebook and said what do you think?

          • Soulfinger

            It needs work. Skimming the rules, they are legible. It looks like they would benefit from a professional technical editor to fix grammatical issues arising from translation, as well as the mistakes common to publications by native speakers. Awkward phrasing in translated materials is a source of confusion for the customer which can poison word-of-mouth sales.

            The introduction, on the other hand, needs significant revision. Writing prose in a foreign language is far more difficult than technical writing. I almost didn’t read past it.

            As an example: “World´s orography was transformed over the course of some years of seismic and climatic activity, many said Gaia had revolt against humankind, Gaia was awakening and she didn’t like at all what it was being done to her.Anyway, there it started the worst part.”

            At bare minimum, I would suggest, “The world’s topography was transformed by seismic and climatic activity. It was said that Gaia had revolted against humankind, having awakened in response to the damages being done to her. Then came the worst part.”

            That eliminates the run-on, spelling error, etc., but really, it needs more than that. I can offer up some suggestions if you want to provide contact information.