Aerodrome 1.1 Tournament at Huzzah!

Huzzah! will be the location for the The Knights in the Sky Tournament.

From their announcement:

There will be a WWI aerial combat tournament at Huzzah! The Knights in the Sky Tournament uses the well received fast play Aerodrome 1.1 rules. The highest scoring player will be awarded the coveted Ace of Aces Huzzah cup! This is a chance to prove your skills as a pilot and sweep the enemy from the sky.

The event is scheduled for Saturday night. A Dogfight session is scheduled for Friday night so folks can get a little practice in. It should be fun!

There is a picture of the cup and preliminary tournament rules available online.

There will also be Aerodrome 2.0 (WWII) games there run by the publisher Aerodrome and author of the 2.0 rules Stan Kubiak. A big carrier attack scenario is planned for Saturday afternoon and there will be dogfight sessions on Friday Evening and Sunday Morning!

For those that are not aware of it Huzzah! is a high quality Northern New England historical miniatures convention with many excellent games run by skilled GMs. There are also speakers, a variety of exciting events, and an extensive list of dealers and game company sponsors. Check it out at