Aegis Studios Memorial Day Sale

Aegis Studios is having themselves a Memorial Day sale on their Contagion books.

Falling Stars


From the sales sheet:

To celebrate Memorial Day, Aegis Studios is having a flash sale at DriveThruRPG. Now through Tuesday morning, get Found Footage and Falling Stars for Contagion Second Edition for ONLY $1.00!

That’s 83% off the list price!

Both supplements include a .pdf adventure seed, player handouts and video assets to enrich your game!

Found Footage starring Anna Daskam, Tim Stotz & Nicki Beck.

The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Just beneath that surface, in the shadows, rages an ancient conflict between supernatural factions who all seek dominion over the Earth and control over the souls of humanity. As a byproduct of this conflict, various factions have created inhuman monstrosities and released them into the world. While most average people are fortunate enough to never encounter such terrible creatures, those who do find themselves facing things that reason cannot explain. Often, this ends tragically for the poor souls who have stumbled upon the foot soldiers of the war.

Found Footage centers on the aftermath of such an encounter. Two normal people set out on what should have been a normal weekend getaway that ends in tragedy. The only clues to the mystery of what happened to Monica Garrett and Jim McLeod are in videos and photos taken from Monica’s cellphone. It is up to the characters to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

Found Footage includes:

A 22 page adventure seed detailing the mysterious disappearance of Monica Garrett and Jim McLeod

6 new Non-Player Character sheets, ready-made to be used in game

6 seperate video assets to be used as in-game props/story aids by the Gamemaster

20 photos (JPEG Format) that can be used as player handouts/clues

Falling Stars starring Miranda Cox, Jenna Larson, Stephanie Leigh Rose & Amanda Lynn Farrey.

A new type of creature has been born from the escalated conflicts of the war. Angels caught in the midst of a fall and enslaved through blasphemous rituals are being recruited by a faction of desperate Arcanists. These enslaved angels are called the chabash.

Falling Stars acts as a primer on the chabash, giving rules for their creation both within the context of the game world and as player characters or NPCs. The faction responsible for the chabash is also explored, allowing players to oppose these power-hungry Arcanists, or perhaps to assume the roles of members of the conspiracy.

Falling Stars includes:

Detailed background on the Fraternitas Alaraia, an order of Arcanists with a diabolical plan

A new playable race: the chabash

A new Spell: Bind the Falling Star, which allows the creation of a chabash

Four adventure seeds for stories dealing with the chabash

Seven pregenerated characters for use as player characters or NPCs

Twelve sample pages from the journal of Lyndon Ivory, which may be used to enhance your game as player handouts, sample scrolls, or character journal pages. Provided in full color and grayscale.

A video prelude introducing the characters of Gayle Ashenheart, Lisa Johnson, Rose Tanaka and Maalik.

an MP3 Pronounciation guide and soundtrack file featuring music from the video prelude.

This sale ends Tuesday morning!! Pick up YOUR copy today