AEG To Sell Back 7th Sea Game License to John Wick Presents

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 3rd, 2015

AEG has announced that they have entered into a deal with John Wick Presents to sell back the publication rights for the 7th Sea game line. This is not to say that AEG will suddenly cut all production for any 7th Sea lines currently in the works. They will continue to release products for the IP over the next several years. There are further negotiations for those as well. But yes, John Wick, one of the original creators of the 7th Sea world and its original products will be getting back the license to make games.

John Zinser, CEO of AEG, said, “The world of 7th Sea is just too amazing to spend any more time sitting on a shelf and while a deal we announced a month or so ago for that other property we developed has gotten a lot of attention this deal has been in negotiation for much longer. It is just good Karma that 7Th Sea ends up back with it’s creator. We are excited that we get to keep the part of the playground we do best and let JWP start to grow the brand again from the ground up.”

“It’s the game I get asked about most,” John Wick said. “More than anything I’ve ever done. I’m very proud of the work that was done, but I’m also very excited to see the game rejuvenated with modern game design and technology.”

We here at TGN certainly look forward to whatever new projects John Wick Presents will be announcing for the 7th Sea line.


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  • Odinsgrandson

    Huh. That’s another big AEG property to get sold off.

  • Mike James

    With a little luck, Mr. Wick will figure out that a single large continent makes a game about sailing kind of pointless.

  • VanosOfManos

    Hrm. While they’re negotiating IPs with other companies, I really hope they’ve done something with Brave New World. Last I knew, it was still them who had the RPG rights and it would be awesome to see someone do something with it again. Especially with a more modern, Savage Worlds-type version.

    • DB

      As long as they avoid the rather annoying BNW method of metaplot reveal. It’s rather annoying when the GM doesn’t know what’s really going on.

      • VanosOfManos

        I had mixed feelings about it. I kind of liked the mystery being maintained even for the GMs to a certain point, but there was definitely some pretty important info that should have just been in the core rule book, or at least the Player’s Guide. Especially some of the stuff from the Bargainer and Covenant books.

        • DB

          It was nice to start with, but the further on they went, they never really revealed much. Even just a vague outline would have been nice…