AEG to release Dust Tactics

Alderac Entertainment Group have announced that they will be publishing the Dust Tactics miniatures boardgame, in collaboration with Dust Studio.

Miniature photos by Jay Aden

From their announcement:

Alderac Entertainment Group, in collaboration with Dust Studio, will release Dust Tactics in summer 2010.

Dust Tactics features 30mm miniatures in a sci-fi WWII setting where the Allies and Axis have discovered amazing new technologies, continuing the war and opening entirely new arenas such as South America and Australia to the conflict. The initial box set will feature 30 miniatures, 4 mechs and 2 heroes, half for the Americans and half for the Germans. Later releases will introduce the Soviets, Japanese, and others. The expansions also introduce new strategies, such as the first expansion Artillery Strike, in which you’ll discover the powerful artillery mechs and command squads.

All the miniatures in Dust Tactics are base-coated. The Axis are in grey and the Allies in green. This way you can easily recognize your army and all your miniatures have a painted appearance right out of the box.

For those of you who are also painters you’ll find that this basecoat is perfect to be painted on. You’ll save hours of assembling and preparing your minis: we’ve done it for you already.