AE-WWII posts up first stretch goal on Kickstarter

AE-WWII is more than halfway to their goal on Kickstarter with still plenty of time on the clock. As such, they’ve posted up the first stretch goal in hopes of getting there soon.

From the campaign:

AE-WW2 has passed the 50% mark and posted their first stretch goal.

Previews are posted for the updated Starter- and Detachment Packs — including the British!

  • grimbergen

    Kind of a disappointing KS… these are all years-old models that most existing fans already have, so they’re basically asking for funding to print a rulebook? They were doing fine printing rulebooks in the past by themselves… not very happy about this one… seems like one of those jump on the KS bandwagon projects.

    • Nightbee

      Agree, it’s not very compelling at all.

      But it was a different company printing the rulebooks. And I don’t know that you could say they did just fine, seeing as they no longer exist. I don’t think that’s an excuse for such a lame Kickstarter, though.

      Do these guys really own the rights to Confrontation:Phoenix?