Adventure Terrain release resin roads

Adventure Terrain have released a set of resin road terrain pieces with interlocking clipsRoad clipped.

From their announcement:

Welcome to Adventure Terrain. Our first line to come out will be 15mm roads made in an high quality and durable resin. These will be a general purpose dirt road and the resin will be of colored, so if you want them ready to play with no fuss, you can do so. If you wish to paint them, you can do that too. Now what makes these roads special is that they snap together like a puzzle. The puzzle piece is hidden, so you don’t even see them.

In the future you will see paved roads as well as cobbled sections. Everything that comes out in 15mm will also come out in 28mm. Right now we are taking pre-orders. They are almost ready for shipping. All you have to do for a pre-order is let us know what you want by e-mail. That’s it. No money down.We just want to get an idea for demand so we don’t start off from behind. Price will be coming as well. I’m trying to make these very affordable.