Advanced Deployment HUGE Black Friday Sale

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 26th, 2014

Advanced Deployment has a whole bunch of new releases available over in their webshop. And of course, they’ve got a giant sale going on as well.


From them to you:

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce a huge sale and tons of new Products for the Holiday Season!

Oh yeah…and a new full-time employee! That’s right! All orders placed before Dec 15 with be shipped in time for Christmas!

On to the good stuff!
Use the following Codes to get sale prices:
BF10 for 10% off an order of $25 or more
BF15 for 15% off an order of $50 or more
BF25 for 25% off an order of $100 or more!

So what do we have new?

Arena Combat Skirmish Game:
30″ Arena
Token Sets
5 and 6 inch Duel Zones
Ring of Fire

EZ Terrain
Condition Markers

Dragon Flight Combat Game:
Themed Breath weapon Templates

Steam Powered and Monstrous Miniatures games
AOE Slider
3d Lighting Effects
30, 40 and 50mm Steppers!


Oh yeah, and five new colors!
Opaque Grey
Day Glow Yellow
Green Edge
Sky Blue

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  • advanced deployment has the single worst customer service I’ve experienced in ages. look at their facebook page and view hundreds of angry customers asking for orders that date back 4-6 months that were missing items that were paid for for the same amount of time.

    this company feeds off of new customers and advertising but completely fails to serve those who have already paid for their product.

    • jahatch28

      Yeah.. so I was going to say (although slightly more optimistically) what Jaque froid said…

      I placed an order in August during their “revamped website sale!” and didn’t hear anything from them for 3 months.. I did get everything i ordered (only $25 order) finally, but never once did I get any reply via email, facebook, their website, or their “updated status” page… and others i have talked to are still waiting for replacements or unfilled orders going back way more than 3 months….. I’d like to say “great! new employee! guaranteed delivery” but until someone else decides to the guinea pig, or until they start replying to all the complaints, I’d have to recommend avoiding this one. Which is sad, because their products look really good.