Adepticon Photos Part 3

By Polar_Bear
In Events
Apr 5th, 2014

Adepticon keeps rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ (dice… get it?).
… *cough*
And so do the photos!


By the way, that dragon in the photo is just one small part of an epic display board. You should check it out.

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  • grimbergen

    Interesting setup for the Arcadia Quest miniature photos – they were all in the nice blue background great for photography. Did you have special access to those or is that the standard CMON display for the public? If the latter, that would be nice change every exhibitor should do, makes sure everyone can get great pix of the showcased minis.

    • That’s CMON’s custom made display case/product racks.

    • Yup, as OTLG mentioned, that’s just how the cases are. They’re black outside and have that “blue back” paint on the inside of the display case. Those photos were simply taken through the glass into the case with the standard lighting. No special photo trickery.

      • Do I get two if I call now? 😀

        • If you call a cabinet-maker or carpenter and give them the specs you want, I’m sure they’ll quote you a price. :p

          • I was just admiring your sales pitch 🙂 It’s worthy of your beard.
            The cabinets are nice too…

      • grimbergen

        yeah, sorry that’s what I meant, it’s nice they have those blue backs so everyone who takes photos thru the glass will have them turn out nicely. Can’t believe no one’s done this before for shows!

  • grimbergen

    Also, any chance of PB making a cameo in the pix?

    • Being the one taking the shots, and having a lack of mirrors around, I didn’t end up in a lot of photos. :p

      • Soulfinger

        It’s okay. We’ll settle for the selfies you took in the hotel room.

        • grimbergen

          WIth your recent orc and initial pre-intestinal worm comment, I’m wary of what kind of hotel room selfies you’re looking for.