Action Games Miniatures revamps Drake, relaunches Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 8th, 2013

Action Games Miniatures has regrouped, refocused, retooled, reevaluated and relaunched their Drake miniatures game on Kickstarter.
Round 2… Fight!

From the announcement:

Drake is a 28mm true scale miniature skirmish game featuring ancient dragons who have risen from a protective sleep to find themselves in a changed world. After The Great Awakening, different species of dragons migrated across the continent of Dara and quickly subjugated the local inhabitants through conquest, diplomacy and trickery. As their armies of beastly creatures, humanoid allies and dark spellcasters grew so did their thirst for battle. Dara erupts into war as the dragons fight for dominance and resources.

Our game uses an original set of game rules. You select the abilities of your Dragon Leaders from a library of spell cards, and play from a starting hand of 7 cards. Numerous enhancements, fireblasts and chants are all yours to command. These cards are available in an open format allowing you to know what you’re getting. Totally customize your deck, and build an incredible strategy. Drake uses completely new fantasy creatures and concepts. This is a fast-paced game with a small model count that rewards tactics, nerves of steel and quick responsive actions – especially on your opponent’s turn!

A new world beckons.

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  • TomasT

    I think they’ll make it this time.
    The set up doesn’t seem as greedy or as “geeks-living-in-moms-basement”-ish anymore. (Not as Fae… that guy seriously need a job.)
    I wish them all luck, though.

  • grimbergen

    Very nice, this is more like it. I prolly won’t pledge as the theme is not my style, but if it were another genre/theme with the same quality as shown I would definitely be in.

    Good luck!

  • Any mention of CCG this time?

  • Hi All!

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Regarding CCG… NO SIR…

    Ok… I am old… and from a time where that acronym did not mean such evil. That was really one of the biggest issue with our last game description. Seriously (u can see in the rules) we have not re-written the game just changed the description, the game still rules. I thought in the beginning that CCG would be a helpful thing… in the words of reddit “nailed it.” hahaha…. insert sarcasm… that actually is a suck thing for those who don’t reddit…

    All seriousness aside… I really appreciate the comments and questions.

    Forgive my crazy excitement… we are about to be funded in about 8 hours after launch. Our team is taking this extremely seriously, we love ideas too.

    Take care talk soon!

    • TomasT

      Amazing how much the wording can do… 🙂

  • Dude totally…. live and learn!

    Really this game is actually really fun and I hope everyone gives it a go. Small model counts (army boxs on our website have enough for very full games) and having a deck to interrupt opponents actions make it pretty active.

    OK back to the Kickstarter… Cheers!