Action Games Miniatures previews the Mammoth for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render they’re working on for Drake with the Mammoth.

From the preview:

Mammoth beast WIP

Here is a Great W.I.P that we are working on right now. Karak and Hel’sender. Grom Champion and his favored pet/mount/killing machine. We can’t wait to have all the finishing touches done and have this beasty combo out for you to see!

  • TomasT

    I really want to like this, even though it got off on the wrong foot with some ppl here. (CCG vs LCG vs Everything in a Box, etc)

    But so far there were announcements about rules and game play video a month ago, and so far I can’t find it.
    C’mon guys. Don’t mess your campaign up.

  • cama

    I had to rub my eyes, but there are two heads. And a juiced up caveman on top.

    Nope. Don’t like it all.

  • Markheim

    Clicking on the link sent me to the indiegogo page, where I checked this out and some of the other stuff. I noticed there are a lot of anatomical issues with these sculpts. The problem is everybody knows anatomy, whether they know it or not, just from being human and looking at humans their whole life. People don’t always know why something doesn’t look right, but they just know it doesn’t look right. Often people will comment (referring generally, not this game) like: “I don’t like it,” “looks weird,” “ugly,” “sculptor must have been blindfolded,” etc. Without even knowing it, a lot of the time people are reacting to legitimate mistakes/inaccuracies without really knowing it.

    If I could offer some advice to the creators I would say it’s worth the time to get it right. Master sculptors and painters throughout history have spent their whole lives studying this stuff, so there’s a lot to learn and there’s really no substitute or shortcut. Even if you have a great idea, without good execution, that idea isn’t communicated to your audience–they may not know why they don’t get it, they just know that they don’t get it.

    • Soulfinger

      Yeah, I can’t quite place it but something about the head area on that mammoth really looks weird, and those dragon people . . . the anatomy is just way off from what the actual dragon people I’ve met really look like. 🙂

      • cama

        I hate it when people sculpt dragon people wrong! Everyone who I have seen make them typically gets the occlusion and interfinger of the jaw wrong. Amateurs!


  • surprize

    Anatomy is a bit dodgy on quite a few of the minis. Not sure if this is an artefact of 3D computer “sculpting”?

    It doesn’t need us bashing it though; its been up for a month and only 17 people have backed the project.

  • Hey Everyone!

    Please forgive my delay in getting back to you, holidays and all that… (I’m not hungover I swear! Its just allergies!)

    Ok here is some details: The Grom and Cherek tribal nations are not related to Dragon kin in our story at all. They are more like neanderthals and australopithecine’s (distant relatives of humans.) Their morphology is more apelike with longer arms and over developed muscles then an average human. They were the original inhabitants of the mountain areas that the great Garrick Dragons chose as their home after the awakening. I am sorry for the confusion about them being Dragon people.

    Our game backstory is on the website but I will admit that it is hard to read off the site. I think in the near future I will be making it available in PDF, way easier for people to read! (although I still encourage anyone who wants the real deal to check it out.)

    @ Markhein, thank you very much for your review! As a new company with lots of heart (but small budget!) we always love to hear constructive reviews. I am fortunate to have incredible artists working for me, however having no art BG myself (can’t draw stick people… they come out all wrong…) I will have to rely on my team to rein in some of my crazy’er ideas! We will be discussing this topic for sure.

    @ Mammoth WIP… Totally unfinished model, I got excited about it and posted it early, maybe not the best to show WIP’s. Its totally going to be wikked when finished tho!

    We threw ourselves to the wolves and put our game and dreams out early. It has been a school of hard knocks for sure BUT an incredible experience. We have had lots of support from people, technicians, and designers. Indiegogo or not we are actually ahead of where we hoped to be on Jan1st! We are going to blast our campaign, don’t get me wrong, but we are also not slowing down after at all. When our 3D lab is back from holidays, new prints, painted sculpts and DRAGONS!

    Thanks Everyone!

    • Markheim

      I love seeing people with a vision doing something to make it happen. I want you to do well.

  • Meix


    My names Adam, and I’m the lead designer on Drake. Thank you all for the comments!

    Let me clear some things up for you all.

    Yes Mammoth has some anatomical issues and he is an early work in progress. also he is a Siamese mammoth and one head is dominate over the other.

    Dragon People?!?! No, these are Cherek tribal Warriors, They are the most recent common ancestor of modern man. They have strange skull formation at the top of the head, also they are smaller than modern man with longer Humerus and radius as well as longer Femur and Tibia.

    The Big Guys are part of the Cherek Family and they are called Grom’s, and resemble bigger ape like cousins of man. All these Cherek guys will be a bit more furry than displayed sculpts.

    I’m not sure if i see what y’all are talking about with my anatomy, Mammoth and rider yes but i indulge you to find any real issues with my Rivercrest Veterans or Kaymayuk Hunters bodily anatomy, I believe its very accurate. As I stated above the Chereks have slightly different bone structure so i get why one would question them.

    As for the Grom rider and his face, its a war mask with horns, and i can see how one would think his pouch on his side is his hip, its not.

    Thank you guys for following us and actually commenting us, so many blog post do not get such attention.

    Please read the awesome fluff and dive in! we have a great concept here and are beginning to print our sculpts. Rules and a few final updates will be out soon in the remaining days of our campaign.

    And a big sarcastic thank you @Cama! I will have to actually sculpt a “dragon person” for you sir with perfect anatomically correct jaw structure. I do appreciate a good burn. 🙂

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Meix

    Looks like we posted at the same time Benji! Well done good sir!

  • JINX!

    • TomasT

      Was that the game play video? 😉

  • Soulfinger

    Nope. I know a dragon person when I see one. Sloping forehead, enlongated femur, hypertrophied muscles, a big club, and riding a mammoth? Yeah, that’s a dragon person alright. All he is missing is the fur. Also, Siamese? There’s no way that mammoth is from Thailand! Not until the plastic injection molds are ready at least.