Action Games Miniatures previews Madness of Kel’est for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us a look at another of the Drake miniatures with the Madness of Kel’est.

From the preview:

Here is our completed Madness of Kel’est beast. Now call me old fashioned but I love the idea of a spirit so tortured and twisted out of reality that it fights to the death and then explodes… This one belongs to the RISH force for our awesome new game DRAKE. Complete pictures of all our starter forces in their glory will be out soon. More finished (and painted) models to come… Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our American Friends!

  • jedijon

    Uh – seriously?

    The only old fashioned thing about this is the quality of the detailing. Or the sensibilities required to appreciate same.

    • Soulfinger

      Ouch, yeah. I didn’t look at the close-up until I saw your comment. It looks like they made it with left over pieces from the Starship Troopers game.