Action Games Miniatures presents Drake, the worlds first CCG Miniature Game

Action Games Miniatures introduces Drake, their combination CCG/Minis game.
Seems like an interesting mix.
I know we don’t do CCGs here on TGN, but this is something a bit different.

From the announcement:

Hello everyone! Action Games Miniatures from Vancouver BC Canada is proud to present our up-coming wargame DRAKE! This is an exciting new game idea which evenly blends CCG (Collectible Card Game) card decks and fantastic Dragon miniatures. Enjoy these awesome concept pieces and If you want the full deal on our game check out our website (and the page “For the Wargamer”.)

Here is the art for one of our force leaders the “SAAN” Dragon, and his vile and conniving 1st Lieutenant the “Terrax.”

  • blkdymnd

    Actually sounds really cool, I hope they pull it off like it sounds.

    I can’t find any estimated release date, anything?

  • cannondaddy

    Looks like they’re still in a formative stage. Dragons always have potential to be awesome.

  • Soulfinger

    I don’t get it. The world’s first CCG miniatures game? Isn’t that basically Bakugan or what-not?

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned as we will be launching our pre-order Indiegogo campaign very soon. Regarding our card system, basically rather then giving our Dragon leaders a fixed list of spells you craft them a deck in a typical CCG fashion. Our game still uses dice, movement, rolls to hit etc.. like many miniature games, but the added “Instant” factor of counters and other effects.

    There is a great section on our website called “For the Wargamer” that has more info if you are curious, and feel free to get in touch, were very busy, but were also new, and love opinions as we get this great project going!