Across The Dead Earth now available

Dead Earth Games has released their Across the Dead Earth sci-fi minis game. Go pick yourself up a copy from their webshop.


From the website:

Following successful funding on Kickstarter back in April, and delivery of out Kickstarter pledges in October, Across the Dead Earth is now available to order.

Three generations on from The Last War, create your own Gang of customisable and persistent character to battle for loot, glory and their very survival Across the Dead Earth.

Available to buy now are three Gangs, of 5 or 6 miniatures each, sculpted by Andrew May and manufactured in white metal. Also available is our full colour 87 page rulebook with fabulous post-apocalyptic illustrations. You can also buy a PDF of the rulebook for only £5 – refundable against any future purchase of the rulebook or one of our Starter Sets.

  • Brummie

    I backed this on Kickstarter. It shipped on time and the mini’s are awesome one piece figures. They paint up lovely and have a great style.

    The game flows well and we have played a fair few games with upto 4 players and it handles it really well. The event card mechanic is a lot of funny. Right when you think you got someone on the back foot a play of a card can turn your plan around.

  • Carl

    Another kickstarter backer here. The game is a cracking skirmish game, played as a one off or part if a campaign. You can use per generated gangs or make your own and advance them through the campaign. Dead Earth Games are a very efficient friendly and committed bunch and have put together a very good game that is fun to play.