Across The Dead Earth Kickstarter underway

Across The Dead Earth has launched their Kickstarter campaign. Go and pledge!


From the campaign:

Across the Dead Earth is a forthcoming Post-Apocalyptic skirmish wargame from Dead Earth Games. Three generations on from The Last War, pockets of survivors and their descendents roam the ghost towns and ruins of humanity, looting and fighting for profit, glory, dominance and their very lives Across the Dead Earth.

Assemble your Gang of deadly warriors and embark on campaigns to win loot, territory or simply glory, as you upgrade your Gang and their equipment from game to game, building a persistent and truly personalised Gang, honed to your style of play.

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund the publication of the rulebook in a colour, illustrated softcover form and the design, sculpt and production of a series of 28mm white metal miniatures


    Great to see this off to a good start!

    Consider me in 🙂

  • surprize

    Good luck to them, but count me out. Those minis are horrible, like something from 15-20 years ago and not in a good way. Although the painting doesn’t help.
    Strange as I’ve seen some really nice stuff from Andrew Rae. Be interesting to see the greens and get an idea of the casting quality just to see if they are basic sculpts/not his best work or just bad casts.
    Great concept art.

    • Major_Gilbear

      These are sculpted by Andrew May, not Andrew Rae!

      Either way, these are not May’s best work either. =0\

  • estrus

    I really want to like these minis… but I just can’t :[

  • Major_Gilbear


    I do wish them luck, but:

    1) Ugly models. Disappointed with Mr May’s efforts.

    2) Ugly paintjobs. Even if somebody was paid to paint them, they are pretty rough.

    3) Integral bases. Urgh, so much work to remove these if you don’t want them.

    4) Dull theme – there’s about a thousand post-apoc minis floating around that already, along with quite a few rulesets for this type and scale of setting. Why should people fund your KS specifically?

    5) Rules based on 2D6. So, the rolled results produce a bell-curve. How do you get around things like modifiers being more/less valuable to different levels of skill? Why opt for 2D6 instead of a D10 or D12? I’d love to know!

    Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong, but until then I don’t think this is the KS I’m looking for. =0(

    • Daniel36

      Point 3 and 5 are very valid points, especially 5. 1 and 4 is a matter of taste though. I actually quite like those models. They are simple. I love simple models. I think models from 15-20 years ago have a very cool aesthetic to them and these do too. Paint job could definitely be better though.

      What I personally don’t like is that right now, there are two specific gangs. One is a named gang (dislike that), one is a sort of unnamed gang (do like that). If I want to fight in a post-apoc setting I want to give my own direction to who is in the gang, not get very specific characters. Again though, matter of taste.

      I do like this setting. You say there are countless others, but they are all very different from this one. This one is pretty generic and real-life, which I like a lot. Then again, the generic setting goes straight against the ungeneric character of the two current gangs.

      Do wish them the best of luck though. If in the future more gangs become available and they are more generic, I might be interested.

      • DeadEarthMike

        I think Brummie (below) covered off your point about “hard coded gangs”. They are an example of “this is what you might like to do” and there out of the (virtual) box …so to speak. For me half the fun is creating my own (although I’m planning on using many of the miniatures). The other half of the fun is using them to crush my brother (who wrote the rules)!

        The point around the statistical predictability of 2d6 I hope I’ve covered below?

        Take a peek anyway and feel free to ask any questions here or in our comments!

    • DeadEarthMike

      Hi there,

      Quick point on the #5 as the rest you are entirely entitled to your opinion on, we just chose the theme and style to fit what we enjoy and where there is more of a gap in what’s available.

      The bell curve (where there is a 17% chance of a 7 vs a 3% chance of a 12) is actually an immensely useful game mechanic. It allows you to do things like “on a double one something very bad / good happens” whereas on a 7 what you thought would happen will. On a d12 you’re going to jam your gun 3 or 4 times more often than we want you too. Unless you push for multiple rolls which is not the mechanic we favour for our pace.

      It’s worth a squint at the rules to see how we’ve used this to the game’s advantage. It allows us to statistically predict the average flow of a game and make sure that the rules allow it to flow well whilst still providing key “events” that cause tactical decisions, on the spot thinking and… well… fun!

      It’s supposed to be a fast moving game so you can play it a lot and build a campaign around the gang you have created.

      Hope this makes sense,

      Dead Earth Mike

  • Brummie

    Hi All. Probably a bit biased but I’ve beta tested the rules. So can perhaps offer a bit of insight into some of the questions and points that you’ve brought up.

    There are themed gangs purely so that if you want to you can pick up the gang sets and the rules and just play. That isn’t your only choice though the sets give you a starting gang plus room to expand. There are campaign rules for gang creation, Class and Skill trees, rare items and trade charts so you can upgrade your gang during a campaign. Or you could build gangs to an agreed points value and fight one off games with more experienced and better equipped gang members

    The Kickstarter is for the core rules set in the UK this will be expanded to Europe and the USA settings which both have been attacked differently during the collapse giving the options for more gang themes, critters and zombie or there proper name Sollus.

    Major Gilbear

    1, That is entirely your own opinion I see lots of figures being made for all sorts of genres and periods and they all have there good and bad points. I’ve seen these in the flesh at Waylands Forge and for the cost I think they are really good value for money.

    2, Your opinion and everyone’s tastes are different

    3, I don’t mind either way and have plenty of both types of figures in my collection. I have large numbers of Copplestone and Foundry figures with integral bases and don’t see it as as deal breaker. If your an experience enough modeller you can remove or no ways of working around it.

    4, Everything must be a dull theme that is released these days I don’t really see anything new brought to the Wargames table that hasn’t been done a dozen times in numerous scales. Don’t really think that is a fair point.

    5, The 2D6’s work well imo. Perhaps have a look at the game play vids that are on youtube might enlighten you a with a bit more info. There are links to the vids and various battle reports at the bottom of the kickstarter page

    • Major_Gilbear

      Of course it’s my opinion… Whose opinion would I be posting otherwise? o_O