Acheson Creations Releases the Boxed Set of 10 Yellow Crystals

Acheson Creations gives you a new bit of accent pieces for your tabletop with the release of their 10 yellow crystals.

Yellow Crystals


From the release:

Priced at $45USD Acheson Creations is pleased to release this latest addition to our popular collection of crystals and crystal playing pieces. Pieces can be ordered individually as well.

  • Soulfinger

    Psssh, I’d rather just get the boxed set of ten yellow crystals that they have at the craft store for a buck. 🙂

    A blue set would be great for my ‘Breaking Bad: Flimsy Pretense for Violence’ skirmish game.

    • Hey Soulfinger. Link me to those craft store crystals so I can track them down and try them out. I’ve been looking for a good alternative for Hell Dorada (Prime Materia) and Relic Knights (Esper crystals).

      • Soulfinger

        Sorry. It was a cheeky reference to the last yellow skull post.

        The only budget options I can think of off-hand are acrylic ice, which can be found online for around $4/pound, getting some of the grow your own crystal sets from the dollar store, or carving them from blue board and painting. Although, I can tell you that with a 40% off coupon, I bought a complete resin casting kit for the same price as the crystal set here.

  • Thanks for all the enthusiasm! These are one of our most popular items and come in a variety of colors: blue, green, red, purple, snow & ice, or clear.