Acheson Creations Releases four new Mushroom Clumps

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jan 13th, 2015

Acheson Creations helps to populate your fantasy gaming tables with some whimsical terrain with the release of four new mushroom clumps. There’s walls, there’s wall corners, there’s mushrooms on a log. Super Mario would love it.


From the release:

Acheson Creations is pleased to release this latest addition to our popular collection of Fantasy gaming pieces. Priced at $5 to $8USD (unpainted) and in 1/56 scale, these pieces add to our already large collection of fantasy game pieces.

The folks at Acheson Creations wish you a Happy New Year! Be on the lookout for several exciting new KickStarter campaigns that will be released in coming months.

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  • 4tonmantis

    How did the release of mushrooms warrant a whole news story while companies announcing plans or huge releases etc end up in summaries??? I’m baffled as to the review process articles receive before going to publish.

    • Perhaps because this is an actual release vs an upcoming release? Perhaps because Acheson hasn’t announced anything in a few months vs running news weekly? Perhaps because they’re awesome shrooms? 🙂

      • Aw. I was hoping that the news round-up was an experiment that they decided not to continue.

        I mean, the review round-up and pod-cast round-up both work great, but I didn’t think the round-up worked for the news articles.

  • mathieu

    I’m sure the company does otherwise amazing stuff, but I don’t see anything here that takes more than a few seconds to make out of green stuff. And I’m not being hyperbolic, it literally takes longer to mix the two-part epoxy than to craft pieces like these.

    • 4tonmantis

      Not only that but you can usually find some kind of miniature mushrooms in an arts and crafts store. It’s one of those things that’s so common and easy to do.. it’d be like releasing resin rocks that are basically garden stones or aquarium rocks.
      To top it off.. AC already has so many mushrooms.. I’m not even sure what the difference is between this and the other 2 dozen or so they offer.
      Acheson has some good stuff and even great stuff.. I’m not knocking them (isn’t Baileyrecords or someone else that posts here the owner?)
      The pricing is kinda all over the place and the site is a little weird and outdated but all the little fantasy houses, accent pieces, walls.. those are all nice things that I would actually look for.
      I just don’t get the fact that this has a news story.