Acheson Creations previews more Kaiju Kaos bios

Acheson Creations is showing off another pair of bios for the creatures in their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter campaign. Plus, they’ve got a free song you can download as well.


From the update:

Hello and welcome to all the new backers that have pledged since the first Update was posted. We’re currently at 61% of our goal! Thank you!

As you can tell, today’s spotlight is on the two Everfolk members Orcco and Hemlock.

Lastly, as the promotional video mentions at the end, the song “This is Smackdown” by Stratos (that’s me!!) is available as a FREE mp3 download at You will have to create an account to obtain your free copy but it’s worth it because I have other freebies up there PLUS you’ll need an account when this project is over to download your FREE Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown stat sheets PDF (if we fund).

  • Hello and thanks for the news coverage. A quick update: We’re currently at 32 backers with over 12 days to go. If we can reach 50+ backers, we will give away a Kickstarter-exclusive transparent green Cryos the Ice Monster figure to everyone who pledges $10 or more toward our $1800.00 goal. We gave away the same figure, in transparent blue, in our Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter this past autumn. If each of the 18 new backers (to reach 50) pledged at least $18, they would receive 3 figures (2 of their choice and the bonus ice monster) and we would meet out project goal. Please consider supporting our Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter. Thanks, Bryan (aka Stratos)