Acheson Creations has new Italian P40 Tank

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Mar 22nd, 2012

Acheson Creations continues their WWII line with the Italian P40 tank.

From the copy:

Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the next in their line of WW2 Vehicles products, the Italian P40 Tank as a Tobruk, priced at $10.00USD (unpainted only at this time).

This piece is created in 1/76 scale.

Acheson Creations have reduced shipping charges for US-based customers. Order more than $100USD and shipping is free.

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  • Wow, never knew about burrowing tanks.. Oh wait.. it’s deep in mud..I think..

    • Soulfinger

      It has been turned into a dug-in gun emplacement, or defensive “bunker”, which was not an uncommon practice. Very few of the P40s had been produced by the time that Italy signed the armistice with the Allied forces and the main hang up was with engine production, so it is likely that this thing doesn’t even have an engine in it. It’s a great model, certainly a fantastic find for WWII enthusiasts. I would like to see a German King Tiger next, which was often used as an emplacement since the monstrous thing could barely move to begin with.

      Found this in a forum discussion:
      “German sources indicate that 101 P 40s were completed (13 complete and 11 without engines in 1943, and 48 complete and 29 without engines in 1944-45). The 40 engine-less tanks were emplaced in the fortified lines along the coast in Tuscany and in the Gothic Line. Some of these were dug into the ground, while others were deployed behind walls or creek embankments.”

  • Brodee

    I had to look up the word “tobruk”. Apparently some tanks were buried and used as bunkers.

    Never knew that. Miniatures .. huh .. who da thunk it.