Acheson Creation Releases Kaiju Kaos’ first Eldritch Horror, the Nyarlathotep (Bloody Tongue)

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 9th, 2012

Acheson Creations gives us a look at a gruesome-looking new miniature for Kaiju Kaos. It’s a rather Lovecraftian creation, isn’t it?

From the preview:

Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the first in their new line of Eldritch Horror products, Nyarlathotep (Bloody Tongue), priced at $18.00USD (unpainted only at this time).
Sculpted by Ean Moody, this Eldritch Horror is a true abomination. They are giant crawling monsters of chaos and destruction that were once human but after giving their souls over completely, were transformed into the likeness of their master, Nyarlathotep.
Unwaveringly loyal, the Bloody Tongue serve Cthulhu and his army of Eldritch Horrors to death and beyond!
This figure is 75mm (3 inches) tall and 80mm (3 1/8 inches) in diameter and is modeled in 28mm (1:56 scale).
Craig Acheson is looking forward to participating at Cold Wars 2012 this weekend in Lancaster, PA. 14/7 Club members will receive 20% off on all unpainted merchandise and 50% on our 14/7 special items.

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  • Soulfinger

    Not bad BUT $18 for this guy versus $15 for the one from RAFM kind of knocks it out of the running.

    • artfulshrapnel

      I have to say, that one from RAFM is pretty boss. I think my design might be bigger overall (they don’t list sizes on RAFM’s store) but theirs has a great look that’s very different from my rendition. Pretty slick though, I may pick one of RAFM’s up to add to my own collection!

      If it were me, (and as the designer I have a bit of obvious bias) I’d get both, and use whichever is bigger as the real Nyarlethotep, and whichever is smaller as the “spawn of Nyarlethotep” that inevitably accompanies this fellow. 🙂

  • supervike

    Not if you like both. I think it’s a fair price for such a huge METAL mini.

  • TomasT

    Attack of the Banana peel!

    • artfulshrapnel

      Hah, it kinda does look like a banana with teeth, doesn’t it? I may have to design that one next….

  • We have them here at Cold Wars and they’re selling well. Come on out to the Acheson Creations booth and check’em out!