Abyssal Dwarf Black Souls available to pre-order

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Feb 2nd, 2011

Mantic Games are now accepting pre-orders for their Abyssal Dwarf Black Soul miniatures.

Abyssal Dwarf Black Souls

From their announcement:

Well, they may have gone insane in the process and are now sporting all manner of wild and wacky headgear but the guys from Golem have been splashing the paint around and, hands hurting (ever tried wielding a paintbrush covered in thorns? Darn that dark magic), have produced some fantastic paintjobs for our excellent Abyssal Dwarf miniatures. And what better way to start the show than with the staple unit in any Abyssal Dwarf Army; the Black Souls.

These guys are the mainstay of any Abyssal Dwarf army; more numerous that their Immortal Guard brethren, and better armoured that the Decimators, whose use of the lethal blunderbuss restrict the amount of armour they can carry.
The Black Souls regiment are a hybrid of the Dwarf plastic ironclads and the Abyssal Dwarf conversion kit, with enough metal pieces to give each Abyssal Dwarf different headgear (for those of you who are a stickler for variety) as well as new weapons, shield and command parts. Bob has truly conveyed the mad, chaotic nature of the Abyss in this new kit, even down to the Dwarf Dog, which gets itself a brand new Abyssal head.

Now available to pre-order as a separate kit with a load more fancy pictures to look at, the Black Souls will be released on the 25th February. We understand that you might not be able to wait that long however, and there are 40 Black Soul warriors (either 2 regiments or an entire Horde if you play Kings of War like a man.) to be had in Gorgoth’s Legion of Terror which will ship earlier.

Let us know what you think.

  • iipepeii

    The simple dwarfs of Mantic Games are clones of each other for my eyes. But these miniatures are excellent. Congratulation!

    • Darsc Zacal

      My hope is that Mantic will revisit the original dwarves and bestow upon them a metal sprue of alternate heads. Al least that’s what I’ll start pestering them for. 😉

  • cannondaddy

    I think GW does a slightly better job with regular dwarves, but I like Mantic’s evil version much better than GW.

    • Zac

      To be fair to GW, their Chaos Dwarf designs are decades old. The new ones they did for the Hell Forge Cannon were nice as are the ones coming from Warhammer Forge.

  • iipepeii

    Which Chaos Dwarf products are coming from Forge World? I didn’t find anything about that.

    • fattdex

      A land train with different cars, another tenderiser style land engine, various crew for them, an engineer, is all i believe they have shown so far. but they have shown concept art for bull centaurs, hobgoblins, a balrog looking great taurus, and have talked at trade shows about doing a blunderbuss car for the land train, with blunderbuss cd troops. Not know whether they intend to produce a full range of models yet.

  • iipepeii