Aberrant shows off new Scrapmech

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 27th, 2012

Aberrant reveals to us their new Scrapmech for order in their online store!

Get yours today:

A relic from an industrial past, once the workhorse of loading docks and warehouses, the Scrapmech is now a monstrous weapon of destruction in the Warlands.

The Scrapmech is available in 2 skus, the first contains a male pilot, the second a female pilot. There is also a twin pack with 2 Scrpamechs plus 1 male pilot and 1 female pilot The twin pack is only available on our webstore., it will not be available in stores

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  • I really can’t tell if this looks bad because of the sculpt or the paintjob. From the picture on the site it looks very poorly done though. This is odd to me when you compare the lack of quality on this particular figure to the way the CSO figures look.

  • Magno

    I don’t think either the sculpt or the paint job are very good. The feet on that look like blobs. Nothing mechanical looking about that thing.

  • I’m glad this news was posted. Not all my news submissions are ignored… just the Kaiju Kaos ones.

  • Soulfinger

    Very retro. I remember how companies used to produce stuff like this 20-some years ago.

  • warpcrafter

    That’s terrible, bad sculpt, bad paint job. Are you guys at TGN sure this isn’t a premature April fool’s gag?

  • zekemck

    Someone needs to take a look at the ammo belt, look at how its attached.

  • Veritas

    What scale is that thing? At least if it’s 15mm there could be some excuse for the poor quality. If that’s 28mm though I can’t imagine what Aberrant was thinking when they decided to release it.