A Touch of Class: 7 New Classes for 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

When playing Dungeons & Dragons, your class is pretty important. Even your race or alignment really isn’t quite as important for your character as your class is. Those others might come up from time to time, but your class comes up pretty much any time you roll the dice. As such, picking just the right class for you is important. Well, EN Publishing has been coming out with various classes for their Patreon backers. Now, they’re updating those and putting them together in a single book called A Touch of Class. It has 7 fully fleshed-out classes that you can use in your games. The book’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Get this gorgeous softcover book right away! We will deliver PDFs as soon as the Kickstarter ends, and the print version will be arriving with you shortly afterwards. No delays!

These seven classes originally appeared in EN5ider, the 5th Edition patreon. Over time, they have been revised and updated after plenty of feedback from the community, and now they’re ready to be presented as a full-colour softcover book! Each is a full class, along with archetypes; plus the collection includes a selection of supporting feats, spells, items, backgrounds, and monsters to help make the most from them. And yes, that includes the Noble, the name of our “Warlord” class!

That’s not all, of course. For those with a bigger appetite, you can also get 45 new subclasses. Scroll down for more information on that!

From authors C. Richard Davies, Matt Roth, Josh Gentry, Mike Myler, and A. Nova; and illustrated by Nick Cramp, Ellis Goodson, Indi Martin, Sade, J.E. Shields, Phil Stone, Egil Thompson, Jen Tracy, and Shannon White.

The Kickstarter campaign is well over its funding goal, but there’s only 9 days left to get in on the action.


  • Michael Dee

    meh, just not what DnD needs more caster classes.

    • You’re generally not a fan of a lot of things, are you, Mike?

      • Michael Dee

        I like DnD.

        DnD has always suffered from caster dominance even back in TSR days.

        • That’s one thing. Saying, “I don’t think there should be more classes made” is another. And if a group looks at a class and the DM says, “Yeah, no. That’s no good. You’re not using that.” then that’s that. Hopefully the player will understand it’s for the best of the campaign and picks something else. Or they’ll work with the GM to find out what concerns there are about the class and fix it. Every RPG book out there, in my opinion, is *Barbarossa voice* more like guidelines, anyway */Barbarossa voice*

          But, in general for comments, I’m not going to delete comments or ban anyone for saying they don’t like something. However, I would prefer if things were more open to discussion about things. Instead of typing (paraphrased) “we don’t need that,” if you’d had, “Man, the caster classes always get better stuff than non-caster. It’s been that way forever. When will it change?” then that obviously shows that you’re not a fan of the material, but opens it up for discussion.

          • Michael Dee

            Just how was my response not “open for discussion”?

            Let me doublecheck….
            I made a comment
            You asked a question about comment
            I answered your question

            Sounds like a discussion to me.

            It’s almost like what I said was catered to people “in the know”.
            A comment that if you weren’t “in the know” it doesn’t mean anything, but if you are “in the know” would be a discussion starter.

          • Sure.

          • Andrew Franke

            I have read the original rules. Magic users had a d4 for hit points and if you rolled bad tough luck. Constitution did not give you a hit point bonus. Add to that magic users could not wear armor of any klnd. Need I go on?

          • Michael Dee

            Bless your heart, you don’t need to. Can I show you something?

            1e phb 1980print edition pg34
            Character Hitpoints
            “However, a character’s hit points can
            never exceed the total initially scored by hit dice, constitution bonus (or penalty) and magical devices.”

            I suppose you’ll next try something about OD&D?

          • Andrew Franke

            Okay wow I made a mistake they could have 6 or 7 hitpoints if they had a con score of 18 and rolled a 4 on their hit die. Still No armor. At first level one first level spell for the WHOLE day.

            If you think Caster classes were all that back then fine. Out of Respect for Polar Bear I am going to stop this right here.

          • Michael Dee

            You should.

        • Andrew Franke

          That is really not the case. Since Wizards took over certainly, but keeping a Magic User alive in early editions was difficult and they certainly weren’t a dominant class.

          • Michael Dee

            Yeah, actually it was the case.

            I don’t use revisionist history.

          • Andrew Franke

            Well pal you are flat out wrong. Sorry but Magic Users were not the best class to play and you had to beg people to play clerics until 3.0. How long have you been playing. Look at any OSR rules set and you will see caster classes are NOT power monsters so my proof is not hard to establish. Get real!

          • Michael Dee

            Where I am wrong?

            Oh because I have a different opinion than you? Sorry bub, get used to the idea that your opinion isn’t the only one allowed.

            I don’t need the OSR rules sets. I have the original ones. They, strangely enough, still work.

            What you may need to do is go back and read the rules. Lots of people don’t realize how much of what they played ‘back in the day’ was heavily home-brewed/house rules.

        • PRAY FOR MOJO

          Casters should dominate. Someone who can shoot lightning and grant wishes is going to be superior to someone who waves around a sword. I wish these games didn’t even have the non-caster classes.

    • Andrew Franke

      Are you sure they are all caster classes?

      • Michael Dee

        Did I say they were?

        • Andrew Franke

          Quote;”meh, just not what DnD needs more caster classes.” I was asking because I thought you implied that. Sounds like the book was just adding more caster classes. Having looked at the material it is now based on I know it is not. I had not done that before. I am sorry I misinterpreted what you said. I myself am looking forward to the Warlord class and have backed the project. I liked the 4th edition Warlord class.