A Shadowrun: Crossfire Expansion is Coming

Catalyst Game Labs has announced the first expansion for their Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game. High-Caliber Ops is soon to be headed to print. This isn’t just a couple of cards, but a pretty large expansion that will definitely change the way you play the game.

This new set comes at you with two new character roles for you to try out. There’s also over a dozen Black Market cards, fifty new obstacles, and new Karma upgrades. To test all your new gear and options, there’s a set of five new missions for you to go on (and hopefully come back from). Mixing things up a little more visually, several basic cards get new art, so you can mix those in with your old versions for a bit more diversity on the tabletop.

The expansion is just an expansion, though. You’ll still need the basic Shadowrun: Crossfire game to play. Also, while the new cards are on their way to print soon, there’s no concrete details about a date for arrival at your gaming shops, or the exact price yet.


  • crazytuco

    What ever happened to Sprawl Gangers or whatever that SR minis game was going to be called? It’s been over a year since the last development update that Catalyst put out. Is it dead in the water?

    • Phineus Phule

      Yes and No. The start up cost for a new miniature game is too high/too risky so Catalyst stated they were going to release a small miniature set to go with the RPG system. They would then release additional RPG miniature sets as sales allow and when enough miniatures have been released they would revisit the idea for Sprawl Gangers. Probably means we won’t see SG anytime soon.