A Naughty Game for Normal People

Getsome is a cheeky, new card game that’s probably not one you’ll play with your little kids or elderly parents.
It’s not really NSFW, but… eh… be careful with it anyway.


From the campaign:

GETSOME is an easy to play game. There are just a handful of rules and basically all the rules you need are written on the card themselves. It will only take a few minutes to warm you and your mates up before you are prepared to GETSOME. Heck, even if you were in an otherwise elevated state of mind or two sheets to the wind you’d still be able to play, have fun, and ultimately GETSOME. The simplicity is key for easy gameplay, but the real heart and soul of the game lies in the dialog that is both horrible and hilarious.

  • Soulfinger

    Finally! This is the sort of game that I have been waiting for. You see, in my real life, my goal has been to impregnate more than ten people. This game takes that dynamic and flips it on its head, establishing what all of us already know, that having children will ruin your life. Sadly, everyone I know is a decent person who would find this even more awkward than a game of “Are you nervous?” or “Whose underwear am I sniffing?”, but I can’t wait to find some slutty girls to play this with so that I can demonstrate my awfulness as a human being. Once they see how good of a player I am (get it? Double entente, there) then I can simultaneously accomplish both my in-game and out-of-game goals.

    • All it takes is a mustache.

      • grimbergen


    • AccessDenied

      Yes, I enjoyed that double entendre. 🙂

  • 4tonmantis

    I know normal is a relative term..but whose relative are we talking about, Austin Powers?

  • Riquende

    As I scrolled down TGN’s list of endless dull articles, I saw this and knew it would have comments on it. I also knew the first one would be Soulfinger’s.

    • Soulfinger

      I do hate party games — also parties . . . and games. Why do I even come to this site? Seriously though, that this has 116 backers means that somewhere in the world there are 116 people who don’t have enough awkward social experiences in their lives.

      • KelRiever

        Really, you want to change people?



  • jedijon

    I’m up all night to get some…

  • BDub

    Hmm, when I read the title I pictured this would be about a Huey Door-Gunner in Vietnam.

    • “A Naughty Game for Normal People” – Huey Door-Gunner in Vietnam

  • Repeter

    Wow, can’t wait to get the fellows together for a couple games of this…our Saturday night game session could always use a few more titles.