A gaming table for your own home

Folding Gaming Table is looking to get a gaming table into everyone’s house. The table folds and stows away, or even can be used as a magnetized board.


From the campaign:

This game table has been evolving for some time to help solve a few problems I have encountered over my years of gaming. I am sure most of us have limited space to game in. I have played many a game out in someones, and even my own, garage. Playing on the kitchen table is fun but with todays games you run out of room quickly. A dedicated gaming room would be fantastic but my living room is about the only room big enough for a 4 foot by 6 foot tale. Using folding commercial tables with a piece of plywood on top has worked but who hasn’t had the “earthquake” when someone bumps the table!

This table is made from select pine and folds up like a chalk board to have a very small footprint for storage. It has lockable casters so that it can easily be moved inside or even outside the home.

  • Hexenjaeger

    Naturally. A Kickstarter. You know, you could just build a few of these and make them available on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, or the like, start selling them, and turning a profit almost immediately. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

  • Heble

    Kickstarter is often about gauging an interest in a product and deciding if there is going to be a market. Actually, that is exactly what Kickstarter is about.

    • Major_Gilbear

      The software needed for making plans is free if you want though (Sketchup for example?), and if you’re not selling an actual table, there is really no need for a KS.

      Even for gauging interest… Start a Facebook group?

  • Heble

    Btw, NICE idea 🙂

  • joshuar56

    The dude isn’t trying to sell tables. He’s trying to sell plans for the tables…

  • Dilettante Gamer

    This is all kinds of awesome. I’ve been designing this in my mind for years but haven’t had the skillz to make it a reality. Funded.

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for the positive comments everyone. As for my plan…..Sketchup is only free for own use – not for commercial use. If I am going to make this a legal business then I have to purchase SketchUp Pro – at $590. add 10% for the kick starter fee and that puts it at $649. That was my goal and that is the plan – SketchUp Pro.