A deeper look at Loka

Mantic will have Loka, their chess-esque board game at their Open Day event and will be running their first tourney for the game. But what, exactly, is the game about? In this post, they give us a bit of a deeper look into the game and the various ways it can be played.



From the post:

I’m a bit of a chess fiend. I also like games I can break out and play with the eldest, who is 14. And Loka fits that bill.
So, in the first of what’s probably going to be another series of posts, I thought I’d introduce you to the games that I’m playing and talk about why you should maybe consider giving it a try. So, when I was up in the office on the first week of actually working for Mantic, and the interview before, Chris was talking to me about Loka, an elemental board game a bit like chess. Produced with River Horse Games, and designed by Alessio Cavatore, it was our third Kickstarter, and is, in my opinion, a gorgeous game that I’m glad I was told about. It’s