A company wants you to Stay Away from their Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Apr 2nd, 2014

Escape Studios got their Kickstarter campaign underway for Stay Away, a horror card game with a Cthulhu twist.


From the campaign:

Stay Away! is a game for 6-12 players where the role is that of a member of a rescue team sent to the alleged island of R’lyeh. Your goal will be to investigate, but you must be careful because not everything is what it seems…

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  • Soulfinger

    I like that it is “Stay Away: The Game,” as opposed to the deodorant brand or toilet paper. The implication is that the game embodies the concept of ‘staying away,’ and I am inclined to think that the best way to play it is to keep a great distance.

    • 4tonmantis

      I personally felt that it was mildly clever… though I would’ve preferred they convey the message through a more obvious statement like “Holy Sh*t: The Game”

      • Soulfinger

        I would have prefered “Stay Away Wars” with the expansion pack, “Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff.” It is very important that every game have “Wars” in the title, even when it doesn’t make sense. Warhammer Fantasy has been struggling because of GW’s persistent failure to re-title it “Hammer Fantasy Wars” like many of the recasters do.

        • 4tonmantis

          In a perfect world, we would run rival companies spawned purely from this conversation.. they would sell products that were ripoffs of each other and there would be bitter fans from both companies who had no clue how amusing we find the whole thing.
          Ah.. if only it were a perfect world…

          As an aside, GW totally needs to rebrand WHFB as “Oh Sh*t”hammer Fantasy Battles”.. it would FLY off the shelf. Fly I tells ya..

          • 4tonmantis

            also.. I think the names recasters give a lot of the stuff makes browsing those site a valid form of entertainment all in it’s own right..

          • Soulfinger

            “Dreadnought Duplex Melting” Arm Lolz!

          • 4tonmantis

            I got
            Mask Battle Simple Dreadnought


            Immortals / Deathmarks Legs Breast and Vertebral

            That last one sounds slightly arousing 😛

        • Major_Gilbear

          I had wondered why my proxy figures (marketed under the “Future Strife Mallet” brand) hadn’t been selling as well as I thought they would.

          I originally thought it was due to lazy, badly-proportioned sculpts and poor quality castings in unsuitable materials such as wax, blue cheese, and plaster of paris.

          Thanks to you Soulfinger, I know now that I should have squeezed “war” into the name somewhere!

          As a reward for this insightful marketing tip (and the increased sales that will soon be mine!) I would be happy to send you a complimentary figure that is currently unreleased by way of saying thank you. Please indicate which of these revolutionary new bubble-free miniature mediums you want your model to be cast in: black-coloured Silly Putty, or a proprietary mixture of baking soda and earwax.

          • Soulfinger

            You’d mentioned cheese, and I pulled a Steve Urkel. I want the cheese.

  • tuco

    With a Cthullu twist, huh? Is there any game out there today that doesn’t have some level of Cthullu influence? A twist would be for there to be a game with no Cthullu in it at all.