A Call To Arms: Starfleet now available

Mongoose Publishing is happy to announce that their Star Trek space battle game, A Call To Arms: Starfleet is in stores now!

From the announcement:

We are happy to announce that the first waves of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet are now not only available via mail order but, from this week on, will also be in your local stores! This includes;

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Core Rulebook
Federation Fleet Set
Federation Squadron Set
Klingon Fleet Set
Klingon Squadron Set

The official street date is Friday 20th, but we have heard some stores have already received their stock.
The Romulan Fleet and Squadron sets will appear in stores mid-May, and the rest of the range (including new squadron sets and the Kzinti fleet) will be hot on their heels!

Tournaments are already starting to spring up, with the first taking place at Mongoose HQ in the UK on April 28th, and another at Games Expo in Birmingham on May 26th.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is the new game of space combat produced in conjunction with Amarillo Design Bureau. Featuring the core rules set from the Origins Award-winning A Call to Arms: Babylon 5 with an all new range of metal and resin ships, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet offers fast a furious action with the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and the other empires of the galaxy.

This product is being done as a joint venture with Amarillo Design Bureau, inc., under the strict terms of their contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation.

  • keltheos

    Um, It’s been in stores for weeks. I bought mine in a store a month ago.

    • kalamadea

      many companies sell items directly from their website as soon as they produce them, often as soon as they start coming off the presses. Once they get enough stock built up they ship that to distributors, who need to receive and catalogue the stuff and ship it to the brick and mortar stores. Release dates are not always street dates, and it can sometimes take a while for stores to get the product on their shelves. It’s INCREDIBLY annoying and frustrating as a game shop employee to have people come in and ask for stuff that hasn’t come in yet and argue with you over whether or not it’s actually been released.

      • kalamadea

        oops, misread that, thought you said you got it via web store. Everything I said still applies in general, just not to this apparently

  • keltheos


  • scottjm

    Having played SFB, I’m curious how this plays. I’d be interested to hear if it has an element that SFB lacked. I’ll call that element “fun”. Is it miniature only or can it be played on a hex grid? Does a battle between 2 ships take less than a week?

  • Marauder

    I’ve been playing since just around Christmas time. The rulebooks made it to some LGSs – but only a handful of minis (most with minis bought them direct from Mongoose). We’ve mostly been playing with megahex counters from ADB.

    The game is played on a open table – no hexes.

    The game is much much faster than SFB. We usually have 1000pts battles – about 4-8 ships depending on what you bring – takes I’d say 3 hours if you are having a good time and not rushing it. Its a lot of fun.

    Those familiar with the “A call to arms” series of games will find many rules familiar. Those familiar with SFB/FC will find the ship familiar, but not the rules. That being said ACTA is a pretty easy game to pick up. There are no “impulses” (each side takes turns doing movement and then take turns shooting) and there is no energy allocation (but there are “special actions” which simulate energy allocation – such as “Overload photons” which doubles the damage of your photons but reduces your maximums speed for the turn).

    Record keeping is much easier than SFB. Ships have a single shield (ablative) that protects the whole ship and a number of hull points. Whenver you take hull damage there is a chance you will take a critical hit – these add a lot of flavour to the game as they damage systems and each time you get a critical in the same system it gets worse. Other than Hull and critical levels there is no other internal damage to keep track of.

    I recommend it for those looking to play SFB without the pain or those who liked ACTA in the past. If you really want to play a hex based version of SFB (but not the real SFB) you could always wait for the updated rules of Klingon Armada for the new Edition of Starmada (Nova).


    • scottjm

      Thanks for the rundown Tim. I may have to give this game a look.

  • jackgaudette

    Me too! I played SFB with a game group member, and although I was a newbie it was a gaming highlight of 2011.