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Talisman: Batman Super-Villains Edition Now Available

The streets of Gotham are notoriously dangerous, with all manner of thugs, thieves, gangsters, and the occasional super-villain hanging out in every dark alley. But there's one man who's made it his goal to clean up this crime-infested town: Batman. Take on the role of the caped crusader in Talisman: Batman Super-Villains Edition, available now from USAopoly.

From the website:

When the news broke that The OP was partnering with DC and Games Workshop to bring Talisman: Batman™ Super-Villains Edition to market this year, we joined fans and the hobby game community in feeling the excitement like a gust from a fleeting bat colony. Through a series of social media posts, underground glimpses and sneak peeks, fans pieced together which evildoers would stand in as playable characters, what style of the Caped Crusader’s prolific 80-year career would be featured, and other details that would otherwise remain a mystery… until today!

Not only is Talisman: Batman™ Super-Villains Editionnow available, but our own “masterminds” are offering a deeper look at how the plan was built to capture exactly what board game and Batman fans have been looking for with this sinister twist on the classic tabletop RPG.


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