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Modiphius Releases Wasteland Almanac For Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

There's a lot of strange stuff out there in the wastelands. Mutated creatures. Otherworldly terrain. Weird settlements. It's good to have a guide. And that's what you get with the Wasteland Almanac for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, now available in pdf form from Modiphius.

From the release:

The Wasteland Almanac for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Second Edition gives you 60 gobbets of post-apocalyptic weirdness to put in your wasteland, divided up into strange settlements, reality-warping devices and monstrous threats. Each entry offers suggestions of how to use it in your game – and how to mutate it as time passes. If you're looking for inspiration for your Wasteland, in Legacy or any other post-apocalyptic RPG, look no further!


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