8th Day of Super Dungeon Explore

The Super Dungeon Explore previews continue with a look at the Dwarf Fighter.

Dwarf concept art

From their announcement:

f you thought the 7th Day of Super Dungeon Explore was cranky, the 8th day is positively bellicose. The Dwarf Fighter is stout addition to any adventuring party. Just watch where that axe is being swung because he sure isn’t.

Dwarves are quite at home in the many sprawling and overrun dungeons of this realm. Gold and a thirst for battle make the Dwarf Fighter more than willing to aid your party. His Dwarven Curse ability provokes models into actions they might not have otherwise taken. While his Hero’s Balm potion allows a stout Hero to take the brunt of an attack in place of a weaker more “elfin” one.