6th Day of Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Miniatures continue their look at the upcoming Super Dungeon Explore game with a preview of the Elf Ranger model.

Elf Ranger concept art

From their announcement:

On the 6th Day of Super Dungeon Explore the Elf Ranger leaps (some say, ‘prances’) into the fray! What ever the case, Santa’s reindeer have nothing on this feisty elf whose arrows are doom to any who stray too near.

Light of foot and sure of shot, the bright shafts of the Elf Ranger have spelled the doom of many terrible monsters and minions of the Dark Consul. Kobolds think twice about hording together thanks to her Sparkle Burst special attack. While her Herbalist special action keeps Heroes from succumbing to crippling status effects.