6sided.net offer free blogging guide

6sided.net is offering a free guide for bloggers who sign up for their wargamer focused blogging accounts.

From their announcement:

It is really quick to set-up a free blog somewhere like blogspot (blogger.com) or wordpress.com.

It’s just as quick and easy to start uploading your lovely photo’s and to write passionately about your hobby in your shiny new blog.

It’s not quite so easy to get people to actually find your blog and read it though!

Most bloggers give up within the first three months of starting, and the main reason is because of the perceived lack of reward in the visitors they get. The problem is that most people don’t have much idea of how to optimize their content and promote it to get people visiting.

So Jaz and Ian, the chaps behind the new miniature gamers blog host 6sided.net have been beavering away writing a free guide for bloggers. Inside it you will find the basic information you need to learn more about building your traffic through:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Don’t panic though, it’s been written with as little technobabble and jargon as possible and is only 25 pages long. It covers the basics of how you can optimize and promote your blog legitimately and how you can retain the visitors you get.

How can you get your copy?

Simply open a free blog account at http://6sided.net and you will see the download link at the top of the page when you log into your new account.

While you are downloading it, feel free to have a look around your account to see how easy it would be to either start a new blog, or import your existing blog from another provider.