6mm/15mm Canals from S6 Engineering

S6 Engineering have released 6mm/15mm Canals terrain pieces.


From their announcement:

This week’s release is another addition to our small scale scenery range which is proving popular with players of Epic, Battletech and Heavy Gear, amongst others.

Our 5cm canal system is a small-scale counterpart to our already popular gothic canal system for 28mm. Made from lasercut acrylic it’s tough, easy to paint and easy to assemble.

The “water” is made from translucent acrylic and is offered in smoke grey or in fluorescent green for that classic 40K-style. Being translucent it’s easy to create many different effects by placing coloured or printed paper inserts underneath.

I would also like to remind everybody that Xmas is approaching rapidly. In addition to the usual postal delays that accompany the season, please remember that all of our products are made to order. While we will do our upmost to get as many orders out in time for Xmas as possible the earlier you can get them to us the better.