5th Day of Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Miniatures continues their series of previews of Super Dungeon Explore miniatures with the Kobold Flinger.

Kobold Flinger
Kobold Flinger

From their announcement:

Duck! On the 5th Day of Super Dungeon Explore it’s best not to ask what exactly it is the Kobold Flinger flings, just hope it doesn’t hit you or your poor Heroes.

Many young Kobolds emerge from their warrens having learned how to hunt bats and other denizens with nothing more than a strip of catgut and a pouch full of stones. Deadly accurate, the Flingers make use of their Missile 6 ability to strike at Heroes from a distance. Their Hot Pot special attack quickly turns a Hero’s new linen cape into a flaming torch while they conceal their escape thanks to their Smoke Pot special action.