4TK Gaming Warmachine/Hordes Campaign Weekend

On the weekend of the June 12th and 13th 2010, 4TK Gaming, in Colchester England, will be running its first campaign in a weekend.

From their announcement:

4TK Gaming, in colchester essex, UK On the weekend of the 12th and 13th June 2010 will be running its first campaign in a weekend, All the rules can be found below, but the campaign is only open for the first 16 people who sign up. I hope you like what you read, its certainly going to be a very good weekend.

Pressing Gears
Corvis ducked as the telling whine of the mortar shell falling from the sky could be overheard from the fire fight on the ground. The very fact he could hear it as yet more winter guard fire was being directed towards his trench meant it must have been close, a fact that was confirmed a few seconds later as a dull thud was heard in a nearby trench, quickly followed by a roar of explosive fire. Blasted upwards by the walls of the trench, a pillar of flame soared high into the trees, drowning out the screams of his fellow trenchers, something that Corvis was thankful for. As it started raining drops of flaming blood and scraps of armour, Corvis felt his anger rise. It was time for some pay back, the Thornwood belonged to Cygnar, these Khadoran scum simply had to die. With a roar in his throat, Corvis charged out from his trench and towards the enemy

Welcome to 4TK’s first campaign in a weekend.

Check out their website for more details.