.45 Adventure promo character three-pack

Brigade Game is offering a three-pack of .45 Adventure promo characters for a limited time. The pack of figures is available for $10.00 US.


From their website:

45 Adventure promo Characters (3) (limited time special for this pack)

Gargoyle #3: Our third Gargoyle. Though I really liked #2, as many pointed out, his true 28mm size did not work well with other lines. So #3 is scaled to 28mm to the eye (about 30mm tall). He will fit in with other pulp lines much better! His pose matches that from the second edition rulebook.

Bridget #2: Our second Bridget and looking far more “period” than #1. She is also straight from the cover artwork for the second edition rulebook

Emerson P. Balldridge: Our first miniature of this fellow who will be more prominent in the new edition. I have lots of plans for him and his cohorts so expect to see some scenarios that feature this mysterious character.

Unpainted 28mm pewter